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You walk through the opening in the wall of trees and see lots of berry bushes with tasty looking berrys on them. You eat one and they taste really sour! You hear a giggle from behind you. You turn around and see a big green striped creature. "Hello. I see you don't know how to pick berrys hehehe." It says. Here eat thease." It says as it points to a few darker berrys. You eat them and they are really sweet! "My name is Lucky and I live on thease berrys so I know wich ones are good for eating." He says. "It's so boring around here. Alyssa says that she has someone she wants me to meet someday. Mabey it's another myree."

Myree's name: Lucky
Owner's name: Alyssa
Age: Adult
Adopted from the: Myree adoption Agency

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