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Crystal's Page

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(Alyssa walks in) Hello! :)Welcome to Princess Crystal's page! This page is all about Crystal, my cute little TY plush kitty. :) I only have one picture of her but soon I'll have more. Want to hear the story of Crystal? Ok, here goes.....One day when I was at the mall with my mom, we were walking along, going in toy stores, looking for some beanies(teddy bears) and they were $30.00! After we looked at the bears and then saw Crystal, looking so cute up on that shelf (and she was only $12.00), my mom got her for me. :) I've liked her so much that I call her Princess Crystal! :) After having Crystal for a while, I thought about making a Catz3 version of Crystal. After I had bred an RB with a persian, I had 5 or 6 rejects. Then, it finally happened. The RB and persian had a white RB kitten! I was so happy (but this was probably a year ago)! After a LONG time had passed and I had gotten Petz4, a new pc, and a website(not this one but that's another story), I went to the pc and got out a floppy disc. I looked in some folders, and there it was......Crystal's file! WOW all these petz that I had missed! I put all the petz files that were on the pc onto a floppy disc and put them in Petz3 on the newer pc. I was so glad that I had found my beloved Petz3 Crystal. :) I now have a website named after this great cat(this one). How did I get the name? Why did I change it? Well because I love Crystal so much I thought it would be neat to have a site named after her. Also, the name "Alyssa's Petz Site" is kind of boring and there are probably 3 or 4 (or even more) sites out there with the same name. But what are the chances of there being very many CCKs out there? Now I end my story--well, more like Crystal's story.

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