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You walk though the clearing and see a cave. You walk in and hear soft music and see red all over the wall and two dragons sleeping on a white rug. One of the dragons is black as night and the other one looks like the sky after a spring rain. You walk closer to the dragons and the black one whakes up and jumps infront of you and growls. You scream and the dragon puts his front feet on his ears. "Please don't!" it says. "Sorry but I was protecting Sky here. We are going though the dragon-bonding-process. The music your hearing is Sky's fave." He walks back over to the rug and lays down again. "I--*yawns* I'm really tierd." He says. "I think you might want to leave before I change my mind about leting you leave." He says with a snicker. You think for a second then leave.

Name: Sky
Gender: Female
Parents: Ghana & LinHun
Adopted at: ODA

Name: Midnight
Gender: Male
Parents: Saphyre and Zeus
Adopted at: ODA


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