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Hello and welcome to the edited petz pics page! My name is Show Girl. My owner has left me in charge of this page. She also told me to protect it from image stealers! Go ahead and right click. I dare you HEHEHE! (Alyssa walks in) Hi Girl! How's the page hosting coming along? It's coming along great! Good. Have you seen my picture of Crystal I was going to edit? (Show Girl puts her foot on a little piece of shredded paper) Uh, no, I haven't. That's strange. Have you checked your petzpics folder yet? Yea. Maybe you should look there again. You might have missed it the last time you checked. Well, ok, I'll go look, but if I find out that one of my petz who is jealous of Crystal has ripped up that pic, I'll not let that petz host one of my pages ever again! *gulp* Since you didn't do it, I'll have to go ask some of the other petz. (Alyssa walks out of the room) Well, uh, as I was saying, if you take a pic, you DIE! Well, maybe not "die," but you'll be stopped!

Spunk in her pretty blue sparkly dress.

CAP in her red dress that looks funny in the back. :/

Princess Crystal in her very beautiful blue rose dress.

This is Sparkle in her pretty orange dress. This is the first picture Alyssa edited.

All hail Queen CAP!

For those of you who know what sailor moon is and your favoret scout is Sailor Mars I present to you.........Sailor Mars! (she got turned into a cat lol!)

Gems red dress that looks kind of like CAP's dress.

Show Girl in her purple skirt and top(doesin't the ear ring look kind of punkey?).

Sweet getting ready to go jogging! lol

Sweet in her pink night gown.

Sweet after I touched her up, changed her eyes and added glitter.

Sweet in her pink dress.

Simon dressed up as a devil >:).

Show Girl in her strange water dress.

Sweet dressed up as a fariy.

Gem dressed up as a fariy I think.

Crystal in her haloween outfit.

Show Girl in a blue dress. I was bored.

All edited pictures on this page were edited in Paint Shop Pro 6.

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