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You follow her for awhile until you come to a path. She leads you along the path. Soon you come to a forest. "Here it is." She says. "Here you'll need this." She says as she pulls a whistle from her fur. "When you are ready to leave use this." She says. She give the whistle to you and walks back down the path. You walk into the forest and see a grey creature that looks like SunShine. It sees you then walks over to you. "Hello stranger. My name is Smoke and this is Fire." He says as a small red creature pops its head out of the tall grass. "Welcome to the forest. I see you got past SunShine and I geuss that means you met Alyssa. Meny pets were vanishing from the main pets page. Most of us have moved to this forest and the rest are to young to leave or they have moved to there own page. My job here is protecting Alyssa's newly adopted zeixs until they are older." He says. He walks over to a tree and lays down by it. "My friend Lucky the myree lives in the berry patch over there." He says as he points to an opening in a wall of trees. "He likes having visitors. We rarely get visitors to this lonely forest." He says. "There is also a waterfall over that way."

Zeix' Name: Smoke
Zeix' CareTaker: Alyssa
It's age: Adult
Adopted From: Kokerre Desert

Zeix' Name: Fire
Zeix' CareTaker: Alyssa
It's age: Cub
Adopted From: Kokerre Desert

Adopt a Zeix of your own!

Goto the waterfall
Go through the opening in the wall of trees
Use the whistle to call SunShine for a ride back to the main pets page
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