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This wonderful lady's name is Connie. She spent many, many hours helping me get Aunt Pat's Memorial Page up and running.  She has uplifted me when I criticized myself to death, cheered me on when I had to clean up vomit, and read my many ramblings and rantings during the wee hours of the morning when everyone else was asleep--all via ICQ chat.  If there are angels on earth, Connie is one of them.   I cannot thank her enough!

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Connie's Home Page

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I would also like to thank my emetophobic friends Linda, June, Jane and Cheryl for sharing the private corners of their minds with me.  I admire their courage and the deep love they have for their children.  They have helped me cry and have given me insight and inspiration.

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Last but not least, I would like to thank Margaret Summy, LPC, and Mary Kathleen Norris, LPC for all of the information they have given me on dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and emetophobia.

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