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Active Worlds
Active Worlds is a 3-D chat program where you can talk to people from all over the world and build amazing things with objects! To download this program, go to When you've installed it, double click on the AW icon. You will then be a tourist. (A tourist is a person that can build and chat, but doesn't get all the full features of a citizen, and risks buildings getting deleted by mean people). To become a citizen, click Register! at the top of the screen on the program, and there will be a form. It is only $19.95 for a whole year of citizenship!
I have a few places in AW and if you want to visit them after you find out how AW works, go to these places. Please don't build at any of my places.

This is my best friend's place. If you go into the house, you can bump into things, break stuff, turn things on and off, and clean lol.
World: AW
Coordinates: 297S 59E

This is the place where I first started building.
World: AW
Coordinates: 9808N 8977W

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