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Welcome to the shows page. The next show will end when I get 10 entries. Remember, SHOW POSE ONLY! You can enter up to 3 catz/dogz per show. I'm writing a book about petz shows. Until my book is done you'll just have to go to a different site. To enter your catz in my show, just send in the following info:

Petz name:
Petz show name (if he/she has one):
Petz breed:
Owner's name:
Owner's e-mail:
Owner's URL(if you have one):

Catz show #4 status:

Dogz show #1 status:

Editing show #1:

Catz show #1 winners:

Catz show #2 winners:

The CCK catz show championship will begin soon. This is the time to send in entrys! The CCK catz show championship or CCKCSC is a series of catz shows(about 8). There will be 7 breed shows and the BOB(Best Of Breed) of each show will be in the final show. The winner of the final show will get a big award and 10 show points.


No Ally cats or Orange shorthairs(enter them in the normal catz show). You can enter all of the other PF Magic breeds in the CCKCSC.
You can enter hexed cats(only the fur is different) but no hexed breeds.
No dogz!! This is CCKCSC not CCKDSC.
No wildz(panthers, pokemon, bunnys, etc.)
Three entrys per person.
Please send all entrys in one email.
Make sure the catz name is in the file name if you enter more then one catz.
No JPGs.

To enter email me the following info(don't forget the pic!):

Catz show name:
Catz call name:
Catz breed:
How meny show points does he/she already have?:
Catz age:
How meny show points does he/she already have?:
Your name:
Your email:
Your URL:

CCKCSC status:
B+W Shorthair: 0/5
Calico: 0/5
Maine Coon: 0/5
Persian: 0/5
Russian Blue: 0/5
Siamese: 0/5
Tabby: 0/5
Final show: CLOSED

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