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You walk south and after you walk for what seems like hours you come to a stream. Before you can get a drink you hear growling. You turn around and see a big red wolf-like creature. It sniffs your feet then says "Oh well hello there." It says in a friendly voice. "I'm Spirit of fire but everyone calls me Spirit." He takes a drink from the stream then says "You do know your in lyris territory don't you?" You shake your head. "Well then I geuss you can look arouund as long as you don't harm any lyran." He says. "I'm the leader of the pack called Flames. My mate is whatching over the young ones in that cave over there." He says then points at a cave in the distance.

Lyris Egg

Lyris's CareTaker: Alyssa
Lyris's Name: Spirit of fire
Lyris's Age: Adult
Adopted From:

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