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You walk down a path and see the girl that you saw before. She walks up to you. "I see you have come to see the new gardian of my pets." She says. "He is over there." She says as she points to a strange looking creature playing with a blue sparkling object. "That is a star speck. They like to fly around here." She says. "I will be geting a mate for him soon." The blue thing flys away and the creature growls at you. "Now, now Talon don't growl at people that come to visit you." She says.

The Salaba's name. Talon
The Salaba's SoulMate. Alyssa
Your Salaba's parent. Berserk
The gender of the Salaba. Male
Body: B,B
Ears: F,B
Tail: B,B
Feet: B,B
Stomach: B,B

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